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Aqueon Double Sided Black Mini Bow Desktop Aquarium Kit

Please Note: D├ęcor pictured in aquarium is not included.

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Aqueon Double Sided Blue Mini Bow Desktop Aquarium Kit

Aqueon Double Sided Black Mini Bow Desktop Aquarium Kit - Fish Aquariums from petco.com

It's a great place for a hobby to grow! These aquariums are a handsome addition to even the smallest spaces like a desktop, dorm room, school, or almost anywhere in your home. Bowfront design offers ample swimming area for pet fish, is easy to set up and maintain and creates a relaxing environment. Fill with any décor you choose (not included in kit), and remember to let the system stabilize before adding fish (you should set up your aquarium completely and let the filter run for at least 24 hours before adding fish!). This fun and easy aquarium will bring you hours of enjoyment everyday and is perfect for a first aquarium.

Our Aqueon Mini Bow Desktop Aquarium Kits include:

  • An acrylic double sided bowfront fish tank
  • Mini Bow Filter
  • Full lighted hood with bulb and convenient feeding door
  • Aqueon Water Conditioner (10ml)
  • Aqueon betta food sample
  • Set-up and care guide

Aqueon Double Sided Black Mini Bow Desktop Aquarium Kit

Internet Price: $29.99   Today's Price: $19.99  (Save 33%)

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  • Kit includes an acrylic bowfront tank, Mini Bow filter, filter cartridge, full lighted hood, water conditioner and food
  • Right size for the office, school, dorm room or home
  • Perfect for a first aquarium

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8" L X 6" W X 9" H
7 Watt Bulb
1 gallon
SKU: 1277855

$29.99 $19.99

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